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(To help SMEs go digital and grow their businesses.)

At Applaud Solution, we understand that the past few years have been difficult for MSMEs worldwide. To help small businesses overcome these challenges and grow their businesses faster, we’re proud to offer a range of value-added products and services through our Go Digital Classic, Go Digital Standard, Go Digital Comprehensive, Go Digital Bonanza packages. These packages include a variety of services that can help MSMEs improve their online visibility, reach targeted audiences, generate relevant business leads, and save costs. With the ongoing pandemic, it’s crucial to have the right support and resources to succeed, and we’re committed to providing MSMEs with everything they need to thrive. We hope that by taking advantage of these packages, MSMEs can achieve their goals and continue to grow their businesses in the coming years.

Silver Package

INR 49,999.00/-

Gold Package

INR 79,999.00/-

Diamond Package

INR 1,19,999.00/-

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