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Grow Your Online Business with Applaud Solution Services

Design & Development

As a web development company, Applaud Solution creates visually appealing and user-friendly websites...

Digital Marketing

Through strategic planning and execution, Applaud Solution helps you, as a digital marketing agency, reach your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Applaud Solution optimizes your websites to improve search engine rankings, increase organic traffic,

Social Media Marketing

Applaud Solution also shares services as a social media marketing agency and develops engaging social media campaigns.

Graphic Design

Applaud Solution creates visually captivating designs that match your brand identity, including logos, marketing collateral.

Email Marketing

Applaud Solution maximizes the potential of email marketing by designing impactful campaigns, crafting persuasive content.

About Us

Applaud Solution, founded in January 2016 by Alumni from prestigious institutions such as IIM-A, MICA, and BITS Pilani, is a dynamic Digital Marketing Company in Noida. As a comprehensive 360-degree solution provider, Applaud Solution leverages deep customer insights and extensive research to formulate effective strategies and seamlessly execute them.

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The following services explain how we grow your Business online:

Rakesh Singh

As a startup, you need to find a marketing partner who can help you connect to the right people. Applaud Solution played that role during our first days. They advertise that they can help increase your sales by up to 78% -- they exceeded our expectations.

Gunjan Maurya

Great job, Applaud Solution! Applaud Solution has been working with me for a couple of years now. We've done it all, from PPC marketing to website development and SEO. They have really helped me not only to stay current in my marketing but also to remain ahead of the curve. I can't afford to be high in the search engine rankings, so I'm grateful that Applaud Solution knows exactly what to do to keep me there.


Really Amazing Services, Applaud Solution, for the efforts you have made to get my business more attention and ultimately more clients. I haven’t been with the company that long, but I’ve already seen a spike in the number of clients we’re getting. All of the people who have worked with my staff have been incredibly insightful, professional, and supportive. At first, I asked myself whether I really needed to spend money on Applaud Solution. After all, posting on Facebook couldn’t be that hard, right? But now I realize that marketing isn’t that simple -- not in today’s digital world. So, I have no regrets about the investment we’ve made in our business by hiring Applaud Solution to be our marketing team